Sharing national policing information for a safer community

About US

CrimTrac is the national information-sharing service for Australia’s police, law enforcement and national security agencies. 

CrimTrac is an Executive Agency responsible for developing and maintaining national information-sharing services between state, territory and federal law enforcement agencies. It was established to deliver on the vision of sharing national policing information to achieve local, national and international policing outcomes.

CrimTrac works in partnership with Australia’s police agencies to provide services that allow police to easily share information with each other across state and territory borders. CrimTrac’s information-sharing capabilities are specifically designed to equip police with the information needed to make decisions to assist in investigating and preventing crime. CrimTrac ensures that vital information is shared across Australia’s nine police agencies to provide a national view of policing.

Under the Australian Constitution, each state and territory is responsible for maintaining law and order within its borders, with the Australian Federal Police serving the Commonwealth. Criminals have exploited borders to avoid detection, but when police have a national view of policing information, this minimises opportunities for offenders to evade the law by crossing borders.

It is essential to have effective and efficient information sharing systems to support law enforcement and the operational officers who protect our community. Through its services, CrimTrac contributes directly to the effectiveness and efficiency of police and law enforcement agencies in Australia.

CrimTrac was established in 2000 under an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) [PDF 752KB] between the Commonwealth and each state and territory government. The IGA underpins CrimTrac’s mandate to lead the delivery of national information-sharing services for law enforcement agencies. In 2006, CrimTrac and all state and territory police commissioners entered into a partnership Memorandum of Understanding [PDF 2.3MB], which supports the IGA.

Our Vision

To work collaboratively to provide essential information services to police and law enforcement agencies for a safer community and a safer Australia.

Our Value Proposition

Through co-planning, co-investment and co-delivery, Australia’s police and law enforcement agencies gain greater information sharing and information services outcomes than by acting independently and without collaboration.

Our Mission

To enhance Australian policing and law enforcement with an emphasis on information based policing facilitated through rapid access to detailed, current and accurate police and law enforcement information.

CrimTrac Outcome

Coordinated national policing information services for a safer Australia.