Sharing national policing information for a safer community


The Service

The NPCS is a partnership between CrimTrac and Australia’s police agencies to assist organisations in making informed decisions when assessing the suitability of:

The NPCS is delivered to over 170 organisations across the community that are accredited with CrimTrac, to provide the service to their employees and/or customers – known as Accredited Organisations.

Click on the link to download the current List of Accredited Organisations.

Australia’s police agencies use the NPCS to produce National Police Certificates for their customers.

The police also use the NPCS for law enforcement purposes and the administration of justice, for example, determining if people are eligible for jury service.

The National Police History Check (NPHC)

A NPHC involves searching an applicant’s name(s), date of birth and gender for police history information, which results in the production of a check results report that shows any disclosable court outcomes relating to the applicant. This is conducted subject to any applicable spent conviction legislation or information release policies.

The NPCS delivers information in the form of a check results report (through an Accredited Organisation) or a National Police Certificate (through an Australian police agency) which is obtained according to the following process:

a) The applicant’s name(s), sex and date of birth are used to conduct a search of a central index for potential matches against Persons of Interest (POI), who are known to police.

b) Where no potential matches are found, an instant result of ‘No Disclosable Court Outcomes’ (NDCO) is released to the submitting organisation.

c) Where potential matches are found, Australian police agencies compare the matches with the information held on their own police databases to determine if the applicant is the same person as the POI.

d) If the police determine that the applicant is not a match with the POI, the result of NDCO is released to the submitting organisation.

e) If a match is confirmed, the police undertake vetting of the relevant PHI held on its systems, subject to relevant spent conviction legislation and information release policies, to determine what information will be released.

f) CrimTrac’s NPCS Support System (NSS) then provides the result of the check to the submitting organisation indicating either a result of NDCO or ‘Disclosable Court Outcomes’ (DCO). Where the result is a DCO, the details of that PHI will be listed with the check result.

The Accredited Organisation will receive the results of the NPHC, which will then be provided to the applicant either verbally or in writing. If the check was conducted by an Australian police agency, they will issue the applicant with a National Police Certificate, which contains the results of the check. As long as the details submitted for the check, including the purpose, are consistent, there will be no difference in the results supplied through an Accredited Organisation or through a police agency.

The Facts