Sharing national policing information for a safer community

National Police Checking Service

CrimTrac works together with Australia’s police agencies to deliver the National Police Checking Service (NPCS). The NPCS enhances the safety and security of the community by ensuring the integrity of individuals placed in a position of trust.

The NPCS provides Australian police agencies, and other agencies accredited with CrimTrac, with a national view of police history information. A National Police History Check involves checking and releasing police information about an individual, subject to relevant legislation and policies. This is used to assess an individual’s suitability for employment, Australian citizenship, or appointment to positions of trust.

CrimTrac delivers the NPCS to 140 organisations across the country. These include police agencies, public and private sector organisations and not-for profit organisations.

The NPCS processed approximately 3 million checks in the 2011-12 financial year. Approximately 29 per cent of all checks require further investigation by police.

CrimTrac is working with New Zealand Police in a trial of sharing police history information.

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