Sharing national policing information for a safer community

ICT Graduate Program

CrimTrac is pleased to be participating in the Australian Government ICT Graduate Program for 2015. The Australian Government ICT Graduate Program is coordinated by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), on behalf of Australian Government agencies.

What we do

CrimTrac is the national information-sharing service for Australia’s police, law enforcement and national security agencies. 

Our Vision

CrimTrac will lead the delivery of national information-sharing services for law enforcement.

Our Mission

Deliver and maintain high-quality, timely and cost-effective national law enforcement information services.

Our Objective

CrimTrac will enhance Australian policing and law enforcement, through the delivery of high-quality information services that meet the needs of the law enforcement community.

Our Location

CrimTrac is located in Dickson ACT.

Map of Dickson

Our Key Services

Biometric Services

CrimTrac is responsible for the ongoing development of fingerprint and DNA information sharing technologies and their application in law enforcement.

National Police Reference Services

CrimTrac’s Police Reference Services enables the Australian police agencies to share policing information across Australia’s state and territory borders.

Child Protection Services

CrimTrac is responsible for the ongoing delivery of the child offender register services and the development of technologies that support the management of child offenders and the investigation of child exploitation.

National Police Checking Service

CrimTrac’s National Police Checking Service provides employment screening and probity checks and is central to all national criminal history checks undertaken for employment related purposes in Australia.


Benefits of a career at CrimTrac

Applicants who are selected by CrimTrac from the Australian Government ICT Graduate Program will be provided with a wide range of immediate and ongoing benefits, including:

A full range of the conditions associated with employment at CrimTrac can be found by accessing the CrimTrac Enterprise Agreement 2011-14 (PDF 1297KB)   

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for ICT Graduates who have completed a minimum of an undergraduate degree in ICT within the last 5 years, which, if completed overseas, can be recognised in Australia.

Relevant degrees may include:

In addition, ICT Graduates must: